20 Min. Free Creepy Horror Footage

Horror Compilation:

Description: This horror compilation contains following videos

Black and white – butterflies fly on a plant https://youtu.be/mwFbXfYhOmk
Creepy Door – HD – B/W – 1080p Stockvideo https://youtu.be/mh3MRgRBRtw
Triangle Glitch Loop – Logo Animations (TV / VHS inspired) VJ glitch loops https://youtu.be/8iLlb12EZzc
VHS Glitch “Clean Noise” – Creative Commons – Free to use background loops https://youtu.be/3Jbqbb0tbIA
“Clean Light” Looping Backgrounds – Glitch footage for free https://youtu.be/RdaIUuV_Lrk
Digital Old TV Glitch – Experimental Glitched Background loops https://youtu.be/9RIv7Al_nRg
Experimental VHS Noise – static TV glitch – Free Stock Footage https://youtu.be/_e-8-paNllU
Static vhs noise – experimental vcr glitch footage (Free) https://youtu.be/rQ7rYZgBotI
Cloudy Sky – Good Weather – Free 8mm Stock Footage https://youtu.be/bBVBYprgD5c
Lomo Tree – 8mm Footage https://youtu.be/CmsiQvlkkRE
Sinister River – 8mm https://youtu.be/WgRvGENAapI
Tree silhouette / outlines – 8mm film look https://youtu.be/OU74OIXjidY
FENCED – 8mm analog film look – Fence Stock Footage https://youtu.be/AS6desiRpEU
Scary, eerie, old, dirty door. Horror Stock Footage – 8mm https://youtu.be/7zC0F7vIjOE
Bloody Wood – Creepy Horror Stock Footage (Forest/Trees) https://youtu.be/t6LB-cE24i8
Splatter on the wall – Free Horror Stock Footage https://youtu.be/Rnk89bWX_SY
Creepy passage after rainy day – horror stock footage (free) https://youtu.be/EDpEaho_CG8
There’s something in my tea https://youtu.be/vX_G303lCcQ
Apocalyptic Scenarios – Wind, road and garbage – Free horror footage https://youtu.be/ZP8SGggUEgw
Apocalyptic Scenarios – Storm warning – City Wind – Free horror footage https://youtu.be/odW0T1ukRBU
Morphing White Noise – Cryptic VHS Glitch on bad TV https://youtu.be/kf0yFGRBNVc
Old wire / cables – Industrial Stockfootage – Free for commercial use https://youtu.be/vE4DWZ1vBa8
Outdoor After Apocalypse – “Endzeit” Radioactive Nuclear Future – HD https://youtu.be/sHsox4hc6Y8
Horror Country Road – Car w/ Spotlight – Hillbilly Vehicle https://youtu.be/O7wH9Rllja4
Clouds / Dark sky – Cloudy Weather Horror Stock Footage https://youtu.be/96G8BVZ5N-A

License: Creative Commons https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/
Creator: mjuer
Category: Stock Video
Resolution: Full HD 1080p: 1.920×1.080, HD 720p: 1.280×720, Web 480p: 854×480
Pixel Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Frames per second (fps): 24, 25, 30, 48, 50, 60
Video Codec: H.264, AAC
Sound: 2 Channel Stereo
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